Infamous: second son is a punk superpower game where you play as Delsin Rowe, a conduit.

ESRB Rating Edit

The ESRB rating is T for teen.

Conduits Edit

Conduits are people who are traitors to a cause. They can Manipulate the matter around them into a weapon, sheild, and even a fast healing power!
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The two karma paths you can take in Infamous Second Son.

Karma Edit

Karma is earned when you do a good or evil deed.

Good Karma Edit

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The beginning karma symbols for when you can take the good or evil path.

Good karma is earned by
  • subduing enemies
  • doing good karma quests
  • subduing drug dealers and their drugs


  • saving people

Evil Karma Edit

Evil karma is earned by

  • eliminating enemies (killing)
  • doing evil karma quests
  • eliminating lifeline protesters


  • killing people

Endings Edit

There are two different endings in Infamous second son. The


Powers Edit

There are four different powers in infamous second son. They are

  • smoke
  • neon
  • video


  • concrete

Smoke Edit

smoke powers are the first powers you gain. They are

  • Drain smoke
  • quick drain
  • smoke dash
  • double air dash
  • car boost
  • smoke thrusters
  • vent dash
  • vent healing (good karma required)
  • vent launch (evil karma required)
  • smoke shot
  • sustained fire (evil karma required)
  • sulfur headshots (good karma required)
  • knockout headshots (good karma required)
  • cinder blast
  • obliterating blast (evil karma required)
  • sulfur bomb
  • corrosive fumes (good karma required)
  • giant sulfur bomb (good karma required)


  • cinder missile

Neon Edit

Neon powers are the second powers you gain. They are

  • drain neon
  • quick drain
  • neon beam
  • rapid refire (evil karma required)
  • phosphor beam
  • light speed
  • photon jump
  • endless speed
  • laser insight
  • laser focus (good karma required)
  • speed loader
  • stasis bubble
  • extended bubble (good karma required)
  • enhanced stasis


  • deadly stasis (evil karma required)

Video Edit

Video powers are the third powers you gain. They are

  • drain video
  • quick drain
  • video torrent
  • extended torrent (evil karma required)
  • narrow band (evil karma required)
  • bloodthirsty blades
  • blade flurry
  • blade storm
  • video surge
  • hovering fire
  • air wave
  • double air surge
  • signal boost
  • shroud of invisibility
  • enhanced invisibility (good karma required)
  • extended invisibility
  • summon wingman
  • demon twins (evil karma required)
  • unholy trinity (evil karma required)

Concrete Edit

Concrete powers are the fourth powers you gain. They are

  • drain concrete
  • quick drain
  • ground smash
  • strength of stone
  • strength of granite
  • concrete shrapnel
  • extended shrapnel
  • boulder dash
  • extended dash
  • endless dash
  • concrete barrage
  • wide barrage
  • double lift
  • triple lift

Karma Bombs Edit

Karma bombs are basically the super abilities of the powers. They are

  • Orbital Drop (good karma version)
  • Orbital drop (evil karma  version)
  • Radiant Sweep (good karma version)
  • Radiant Sweep (evil karma version)
  • Hellfire Swarm (good karma version)
  • Hellfire Swarm (evil karma version)